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Cincinnati, OH's complete services for trees

Total tree care
Tepe Tree Service offers great customer service and has all the experience, skills, man power and equipment to complete any professional tree service you and your trees might need in the greater Cincinnati, OH. areas. If you have a tree that looks as if it, or parts of it, might fall, please call us immediately for the safety of everyone. Similarly, if a tree or part of a tree has fallen on your property, give us a call right away and we will have our quick response, emergency team out to you in no time. Our Cincinnati-based services are second to none!


Tree service in Cincinnati, OH
Trimming and pruning is necessary for trees to stay healthy, strong and maintain a suitable and aesthetically pleasing shape. When a tree is pruned properly it will require less maintenance and is far less likely to become a safety hazard in the future. A professional arborist from Tepe Tree Service in Cincinnati can also give you advice on how to properly care for your trees, and what to expect from them as they grow.

Tree removal

Tree service in Cincinnati, OH
Just like everything, trees can get sick and they can die. Our qualified arborist can advise you on the life expectancy of your trees and how long you can expect to enjoy them. When a Tree is dead, diseased, damaged, or is in a dangerous condition or position, it may need to be removed. Always call the professionals at Tepe Tree Service, and we can remove your trees with maximum safety and effectiveness. Contact our service specialists in Cincinnati today!

Storm Damage

Arborist performing a tree service in Cincinnati, OH
When a major storm hits the damage to a yard can be severe. In the aftermath it can often seem as though your home will never be returned to normal.Fortunately, Tepe Tree Service is here to restore your trees and repair the damages wrought by the storm. We are a full service tree service specializing in storm damage repair.Our expert team is ready to help reestablish your yard to the perfect condition it was before the storm. Whatever damage has been done, our skilled group can repair it quickly and efficiently, so you can return to a normal yard and normal life.Get your old yard back after the storm with the help of Tepe Tree Service. Call us today!
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